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House Extensions

We have extensive experience in carrying out all types of domestic house extensions, whether it is a small single storey extension, or a large two storey project.

All domestic extensions need to legally comply with the following criteria:-

1. Planning Approval - Even if the proposals fall under 'permitted development' planning approval will still need to be aquired.

2. Building Regulation Approval Parts B to N - This covers everything frrom fire safety to insulation.

3. Building Regulation Approval Part A - This covers structural safety of items such as lintels, beams, rafters and foundations and should only be carried out by a qualified structural engineer.

4. Party Wall Act 1996 compliance - This covers the legal obligation to formally notify the owners of adjoining property that you will be building either on or near to thier boundary.

5. Permission to Build Over - Many properties have a shared sewer to the rear of thier properties that the new extension will be built over, permission is required from the local authority before any work can commence.

Structural Engineering Consultant Only

Many projects will already have a seperate Architect, and therefore we can provide Structural Engineering services only.

All construction projects will need to be built safely. We can carry out all the necessary structural calculations and drawings, with respect to beam sizes, timber sizes, foundations and overall structural stability, to ensure that your project is safely constructed, and that the structural integrity of your existing property is not compromised.

Typical scope of work would normally involve:-

1. Design of beams supporting existing external wall where a new opening has been formed.
2. Design of new lintels/beams/padstones in new extension.
3. Foundation and floor slab design.
4. Timber roof joist design.
5. Check that overal structural stability is maintained.
6. Masonry design to ensure stability of new walls.
7. Timber first floor design.
8. First floor steel supporting beam design.
9. Calculations and drawings.
10. One site visit.
11. Liason with Building Control to ensure the project conforms to the legal requirements of Part A of the Building Regulations.

Our typical fee for a single storey extension would be :- 590
Our typical fee for a two storey extension would be :- 890

Full Building Consultant

We are able to provide a full Building Consultant service, and are able to fully manage the design of your extension, often negating the need to employ a seperate Architect and therefore saving you money.

Typical Building Consultant scope of work would include:-

1. Site visit and dimensional survey of the existing property.
2. Full General Arrangement and detail drawings and specifications, for all aspects of the project.
3. Full drawings and specifications submitted to Building Control for the purpose of fulfilling the legal requirement of the Building Regulations.
4. Liaison with Building Control officer where required.
5. Advice on the Party Wall Act 1996, where necessary.
6. General advice whenever required.
7. Structural Engineering services as detailed above.

Our typical fee for a single storey rear extension would be 1890
Our typical fee for a two storey rear extension would be 2350

Please feel free to call us for a no obligation friendly chat about your project, and if you decide to use our services we will do our very best to ensure that your project runs smoothly.
"Thanks Chris for helping us with our house extension, friendly, helpful and would definately recommend" - Kay Williams
"CLP Structures expertise allowed our project to run smoothly from start to finish" - Kevin Fry

"Quick and efficient service. Having a 'Full Plans' Building Regs approved set of drawings saved us time and money with our chosen builder" - Anna Dash